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Mission Statement

Dedications, artistic intention, career goals

My entire life I've looked for a rule book, directions, or even some guidelines for how to live a "proper" life here on earth. When my first grade teacher told me there was no such book and sent me to a time-out for coloring outside the lines, I quickly realized this world was not meant for me. Shortly after, I found singing. Shortly after that, I found Brandy's Cinderella. I felt just like her. Out of place. I fell in love with her, especially her early morning walk through town and the music that followed. I admired her perseverance and imagination so much that I developed a crush (I mean, wouldn't you?) on her character and dreamed of being the prince to my own princess. Little did I know, my "princess" later in life would personify itself by coming to terms with my own identity, my own power, and my own privileges. Easy to say the film changed my life.

Whitney Houston is the sole reason for my love of singing and music. Cinderella brought me to musical theater, which I've been doing for 18 years now. Now that I'm out and proud as a bi non-binary artist, shows like Cartoon Network's Steven Universe are exactly the type of revolutionary work I adore and long to be a part of. I'm currently working on my VO demo, and have samples of that along with my singing in the other tabs.

Today, I have fully dedicated myself to the queer artistic revolution. Not only am I dedicated to pursuing roles that I align with, I am also dedicated to help lift up other minorities' stories in order to support all marginalized people and to never allow a little kid feel as alone in this world as I had at that age. I am strictly interested in bringing joy and an alternative perspective to the stage and screen, and I have a damn good time doing it. 

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